Cada día es una fiesta | Everyday is a celebration!


Everyday is a celebration!


Cada día es una fiesta  
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The abbreviation C.D.E.F. is Spanish for ‘Cada día es una fiesta': everyday should be a celebration! This credo requires an attitude to start everyday with a healthy dose of playful curiosity. This in turn, gives our stakeholders and us the opportunity to do the things we enjoy doing. And working with pleasure means following your passion and creating space for innovation.

Our vision and mission is written down in the book Society 3.0, published in Dutch in April 2011 and in Spring 2014 the English and updated version was be published.

CDEF Holding BV owns three brands:

• international BV,

Society 3.0 Foundation

• Cyberdigma BV.


The holding company is owned and managed by

Ronald van den Hoff & Marielle Sijgers.



Society 3.0  
The foundation

When the winds of change are blowing, some people are building shelters and others are building windmills.

Society 3.0 is a movement, a change agent and a new breed of publisher in our ever-changing world.

Its activities, books, publications, events and websites are the visualization and exploration of the vision and mission of the CDEF Holding.

The Society30 Foundation aims to assist people and organizations on their way to Society30. Especially on projects where traditional boundaries block innovation, the Society30 Foundation helps people and organizations to overcome political-, legal- and mental barriers.

We try to achieve our goals by:

  • Matching and connecting people.
  • Sharing knowledge, by giving presentations, publishing books & magazines, blogs, articles and more.
  • Sharing physical & virtual spaces to stimulate collaboration of Society 3.0 citizens, with the help of the services of our sister companies &


We are no Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists.


See: Society 3.0.



With the typical innovative drive of the owners Marielle Sijgers and Ronald van den Hoff a new, innovative and disruptive meeting concept was launched in 2005:

Addressing the market dynamics of our time and the fast changing needs of the market to have access to inspiring venues, vibrant meeting-, office and co-work spaces. Spaces virtually connected (3rd spaces) forming the serendipitous stage for its stakeholders to create new sustainable economic value. has become the ecosphere where the principles of Society 3.0 are tested and executed.

The mission is to create a global mesh with these 3rd spaces, as anchorages where people meet, share skills and knowledge and create new values. Locations for incubation and the discovery of new knowledge. Traditional organizations use the Seats2meet concept to create innovation labs.


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Powering the Mesh

Cyberdigma connects online: people with people, peers with relevant knowledge and information.

By facilitating this connectivity and the visualization of connections, we increase the serendipitous meeting of people and their knowledge, creating a stage and space for sustainable value creation.

All Cyberdigma software and applications are vital tools for Society 3.0 citizens, to stimulate self steering and development as well as personal branding.

Innovative cross-linking enables the inspiration of others.

Cyberdigma is aware of the Society 3.0 principles: an interdependent society where informal social networks create sustainable economic value.

Cyberdigma knows how to translate these principles into online applications, apps and Internet social platforms. Enabling organizations to create their own Mesh: the Society 3.0 economic playing field.


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Marielle Sijgers & Ronald van den Hoff  
The founders

We are the co-founders of CDEF Holding BV, a Holding company with a remarkable range of ventures operating on the disruptive intersection of the Hospitality Industry and the entrepreneurial world of Internet.

CDEFincorporates ‘much discussed’, disruptive exponential formulas, like the co-working and meeting centers, CyberdigmaLab and the Society30 Foundation., with over 70 locations worldwide, has become an interactive breeding ground for inspiration, innovation, entrepreneurship acceleration, cross-linking and cross-pollination. Next to Seats2meet there is the online development lab Cyberdigma, not only creating our in-house software and apps, but also intelligent self-learning software like ‘The Serendipity Machine’. Cyberdigma collaborates within a network of global IT experts.

A publishing company, The Society30Foundation, completes this range of innovative ventures. In April 2011 this Society30 Foundationpublished Ronald’s book Society 3.0, creating a context for all CDEF’s activities. This Society30 foundation is a movement, a guiding light and a change agent in our ever-dynamic world. Its activities, books, publications, events and
websites are the visualization and exploration of the vision and mission of the CDEF Holding.

Our book Society 3.0

The book Society 3.0 was published in April 2011 creating a context for all our activities. The Society 3.0 Foundation is a movement, a guiding light and a change agent in our ever-changing world. Its activities, books, publications, events and website are the visualization and exploration of the vision and mission of  CDEF Holding.


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